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The ice face roller is made of superior quality silicone gel, it is resistant and long-lasting.

Thanks to its interlocked cover and ultra-thick sealing ring, it keeps water inside and prevents leaks.

Stimulates and firms sensitive skin, tightens pores and reduces water retention, helping to improve blood circulation. Also ideal for use on the eyes and face, to apply therapeutic ice and relieve bags under the eyes.

A natural and safe home remedy for younger and more elastic skin.

1. Choose a recipe 
2. Pour the ingredients in liquid form into the face roller mould
3. Place your face roller in the freezer for a couple of hours
4. Soak for 3 minutes in water before use
5. Massage your face
6. Gently cleanse your face with cleanser and pat dry 
7. Enjoy a regenerated and fresh radiant face

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