Victoria Adede Mensah, founder of Adede Cosmetics, in addition to being a multi-entrepreneur, is also a writer of motivational books to help people achieve their life goals.

We recommend this motivational diary and this valuable business manual as an addition to your wellness and beauty routine. The complete glowup you deserve.


One of the greatest secrets to living the life of your dreams is to be grateful for what you have! As you enter the new year with my journal you will be able to implement these new habits for the entire year. In 31 days you will be able to analyze and organize your goals in all areas of your life and manifest them to achieve them. Write your journal with me as we turn our dreams into reality! Affirm & Manifest is not a book, it is a personal growth journey in which you write down what you are grateful for and what you want to manifest in life. This daily habit will help you focus on the positive things that are happening to you now. This way you will keep the influx of abundance high. May you get everything you dream of and more from the Universe!


This precious manual is dedicated to anyone who wants to start a business or to anyone who is inspired to venture into the world of entrepreneurship.
Packed with practical ideas, advice and strategies, this book accompanies readers on a journey
from conceptualizing a business idea from launching and successfully running your own business.
This guide demystifies the complexities of starting a business, offering valuable strategies and resources
to equip readers with the knowledge and the security needed to turn your entrepreneurial dreams into reality.
Inside you will discover many startup ideas to launch your financial dream.